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How are organisations indexed on Relief Watch?

Relief Watch measures organisations’ engagement with Community Experiences. Organisations that consistently read, and reply to experiences on Relief Watch, are awarded the ‘Top Listener’ badge. This is displayed on their profile.

Using Relief Watch's digital channels, organisations' end-users are asked to input directly on certain CHS indicators. This independent, and continuous assessment, provides an up-to-date image of organisation responsiveness in different regions.

ORI's journey rebuilding schools, and listening to parents in Nineveh, Iraq

Today in Ninevah, the Mohmaad Aldoora school is filled with ambitious students who are enthusiastic about learning and hopeful for the future. These children are resilient, but their teachers and parents still live with the shock of seeing the school taken over and nearly destroyed by ISIS just a few years ago. “I saw people fleeing in their cars,” says Kareem, the school’s current head teacher, recalling the day in 2014 when ISIS came to their town.
Since ORI's reconstruction efforts began in 2018, they have been hosting parent evenings to understand concerns to listen to parents, and provide transparency on the important work being...

Unconditional cash assistance is enabling vulnerable households to meet their basic needs with dignity

Internally displaced Sadye (55), who is a mother and a grandmother, has received much needed cash assistance from IHG. Sadye and her family are originally from the conflict affected Anbar province in Iraq. Like many other civilians in the country, Sadye has suffered huge losses due to the ongoing conflict which has left around 10 million civilians in need of humanitarian assistance. Relief Watch has helped IHG understand the issues people like Sadye face in accessing mobile money payments, as well as informing IHG's communication and outreach strategy.